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Journey into Silence: The Serene Beauty of Nyepi, the Balinese New Year

THE DAMAI BALI - Journey into Silence The Serene Beauty of Nyepi, the Balinese New Year - TRAVELINDEXBali, Indonesia, January 31, 2024 / TRAVELINDEX / Bali is renowned for its stunning landscapes and fascinating culture. The Balinese practice their unique form of Hinduism, with rituals of worship and cleansing structured by their lunar calendar, the Saka. Their ceremonies are often grand and magnificent, accompanied by lively celebrations. However, one stands out as perhaps the most beautiful of them all – Nyepi, the Balinese New Year, a day of silence and introspection.

Chaos Before the Quiet
The night before Nyepi is far from quiet. Streets are filled with the joyous and vibrant energy of the ogoh-ogoh parades. Villages and communities spend weeks preparing garish monsters made of cloth, tinsel, and papier-mâché, representing malevolent spirits, demons, or negative forces. These heavy statues are hoisted on bamboo rafts through the villages with shouts, chants, and the clanging of gongs until they meet their final fate in a massive cleansing bonfire. The next day, Bali undergoes a remarkable transformation as Nyepi, the day of silence, unfolds.

A Day Like No Other
The usually lively streets and beaches fall into an unusual stillness. No planes land in paradise, as the airport closes and planes stand idle on the runway, perhaps taking a pause to reflect on the year ahead alongside the rest of Bali. No fires are lit, no lights are turned on, and only a few hushed words are spoken. All that can be heard is birdsong and the wind rustling the palms.

Nyepi for the Visitor
The Balinese stay home, meditate, pray, and perform rituals. The sense of calm and introspection also permeates into the resorts, where tourists pause their travels to relax and reflect in silent camaraderie, engaging in a candlelit card game or two. Unfortunately, an ill-advised trend has emerged on social media, where tourists sneak out to take selfies on the empty streets, considered highly offensive to the Balinese.

Silent Night
As the day of silence comes to a close, Nyepi night is a final treat. With minimal light interference, the island’s skies become an astronomical canvas, displaying a breathtaking array of stars. This allows you to experience the Milky Way as it is seen only in the most remote of places.

Experiencing Nyepi
Nyepi is a rare and memorable experience for visitors. In the unspoiled North Bali, The Damai Resort offers guests a unique opportunity to experience this fascinating ritual in an immersive setting centered around sound and silence. The renowned sound healer and yogi, Akiko Kigarashi, will host sessions with her famous brass singing bowls – hauntingly beautiful vibrating bowls that emit moving soundscapes resonating within your body. For more information, contact The Damai Resort.

About Damai, Bali’s Gourmet Retreat
The Damai Resort is Just a few hours from the airport, but light years away from the crowds. Just 14 private villas with views of the surrounding spice plantations and Java’s distant volcanoes – and a prize winning restaurant, that for three decades have been one of Bali’s leading restaurants. The Damai is also home to North Bali’s best spa.

Journey into Silence
Stay at the Damai Resort, accommodation for 4 or 5 nights in a luxury Pool Studio or Pool Villa
– return transfer at any point in Bali
– 1×3 course Balinese dinner menu
– 1×60 minutes Balinese massage
– 1x morning dolphin tour
– 1x private yoga
– 1x singing bowl
– 1 time free laundry
– daily fresh Damai jamu during breakfast
To book The Silent package at The Damai Hotel, please contact or via Whatsapp + 62 877 88841008.

About Akiko Igarashi
Aikiko is a sound healer, reiki practitioner and yogi with a rich background hosting retreats worldwide, Akiko founded the Shima Healing Institute in 2015, offering ancient Eastern holistic courses.

Drawing from her diverse expertise, Akiko has been a Reiki instructor for nearly two decades, a Qigong practitioner, a Yoga therapist and a Tibetan Singing bowl Master for the last 10 years, brings a harmonious blend to guide you back to a tranquil state of well-being.