Latest Travel News Video Review Site for Travel Promoting Direct Bookings Video Review Site for Travel Promoting Direct Bookings - TRAVELINDEXBelek, Turkiye, September 28, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / Imagine sitting watching television and the adverts come on and your screen is filled with some pictures and a load of words? Would it excite you? Would it make you want to buy something? Of course not.

And yet a holiday which is one of the most emotional high value purchases people make, is what the tourism industry is expecting people to do.

No video, no moving images just lots of photos and loads of words. And in today’s world especially with the explosion of TikTok, video is king.

Now imagine, no matter how big or small your business is, if you were to bring life to your facility (hotel, restaurant, theme park, museum, tour, tourist attraction) wouldn’t that encourage more guests?

However, you see three problems.
1. You have a website but it is not designed to host videos. To compensate you might be uploading to YouTube and more recently TikTok
2. Much of your sales are handled through the large OTA’s none of which accommodate videos
3. Your perceived cost of video production – the first video review site for travel promoting direct bookings was created to address these problems bringing life at the point of sale for the tourism industry and potentially saving companies like yours the high commissions you are paying to the OTA’s. Our company can also advise on where to get low budget high quality videos. Or with a phone you can make them yourself. The latest trend for videos and photos on social media is ‘simple and honest’.

Martin Rosenberg the founder of Overseasinfo .tv Ltd said, “From both my business and personal travel, from pre and early internet days obtaining information and securing direct discounted room rates was a challenge. With the current internet this should be easy. But it isn’t.

Unless I search YouTube (sometimes lucky, sometimes not) alongside Google which mostly directs me to the big OTA’s, I struggle. Overseasinfo .tv addresses this making it easy for people to search what they are looking for and where they are looking for it and all on one site.

And then I can see it and breathe it from videos.

Also, if a facility has a Sponsored Ad I can easily click through to their website for more information, communicate and book directly with them”.

Overseasinfo .tv also has the feature for guests to upload their videos too. This allows the industry to take advantage of the millions or even billions of unpaid salespeople who are posting of their holidays on social media. What better way to advertise than by word of mouth, and it’s all free?

The company will never charge a commission, instead relying on a very affordable annual subscription for a Sponsored Ad. These Ads links all content posted by an advertiser to their website. Advertisers content will always be at the top of the page and can be updated as often as required taking account of seasonal programmes and special offers.

Part of every annual subscription will go on advertising overseasinfo .tv as the ‘go to’ site for travel and the company is heavily committed to SEO.

As Martin said, “It’s time to make it easy and exciting for potential guests.

As well as this we want to help companies increase their bottom line because for every 100k being sold through the OTA’s 15k+ is lost, and they don’t own the customer”.